16 March 2016

Obsidian Announces Tyranny

     The folks at Paradox and Obsidian have used GDC to take the wraps off a brand new RPG. Tyranny is an isometric role-playing game in the style of its largely successful Pillars of Eternity, set in a brand new fantasy universe where good and evil clashed in a titanic battle, evil coming out triumphant. Where Tyranny differs from Pillars though is it has gone fully Overlord, allowing the player to be an evil denizen and dominate with a brutal empire.

    Instead of helping imbeciles find their lost donkey or clear up a rat infestation, players will have the ability to inspire fear, disgust and loyalty over their subjects, roaming the lands of Kyros the Overlord as an arbiter of justice. Explaining the setup behind the game, Paradox CEO Ferus Urquhart said 
“With Tyranny, we love the twist we’ve put on the world which started with the premise ‘What if evil already won?’ Coupled with that is our ongoing dedication to giving our players games full of choice and consequence. Games they can play not just once, but many times.”
What's your early impressions of Tyranny? Can Obsidian strike gold yet again? Let us know!