3 March 2016

No Mans Sky Will Cost 60USD

   It happens so often these days that one often wonders how accidental these leaks really are, but Sony may have just disclosed the price point of No Man's Sky in an accidental listing on the Playstation Blog. According to the post (which has since been removed), the procedurally generated adventure game will set intrepid explorers back $59.99.
 Speaking during Sony's Paris Games Week press conference last October, Hello games had No Man's Sky set for a June release of this year but the listing suggested we may be zigzagging across the universe as soon as March 3rd.

 It's entirely possible that the date shown in the blog listing isn't actually a release date but rather when the pre-orders for the game will be available. Information on the game has remained pretty tightly wrapped. There's also been no follow up from either Sony or Hello Games to address the posting so there's always the possibility that some intern somewhere pressed the wrong button.

 Let us know below if this price point was what you were expecting for No Man's Sky and if you think we'll be seeing the game sooner rather than later.