3 March 2016

Chivalry Medieval Warfare Developers Announce New Game

 Torn Banner Studios, the developers of the cult hit Chivalry: Medieval Warfare have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming title - Mirage: Arcane Warfare - to be released at some point this year. Mirage will be a magic and melee based multiplayer FPS game in the same vein as Chivalry, but instead in a high fantasy setting with all sorts of cool looking spell effects.

 The developers of Mirage have come a long, long way since their humble beginnings as the developer of a full conversion mod for Half-Life 2 which led to them developing the full version of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. It was their first commercial game and they eventually sold 2 millions units in 2 years which is quite the way to enter the industry. The most striking difference between Chivalry and what we've been shown in this trailer is the graphical style. Torn Banner have gone with a cel-shaded effect which complements the more stylised world of magic. The setting of the world appears to be a shift away from the Western medieval to a more Eastern influenced world.

  What little gameplay we see in the teaser gives a taste of what some of the spells look like and it looks insane. It was really surprising to see all the colour and particle effects in a game but whether or not the game will feel different enough to be able to draw in as big an audience still remains to be seen. It seems a lot of people online were hoping for Chivalry 2 but it's really too early to be able to make an informed decision.

Did you guys like Chivalry Modern Warfare or Deadliest Warrior? Share with us below if you think you're ready to start invoking the arcane arts or if you'd rather just bury your head in the sand for this one.