11 March 2016

Hitman Full Retail Release Will Not Be Ready Until 2017

   Judging from everyone’s reactions to the move, it’s clear Hitman’s switch to an episodic format clearly wasn’t to some people’s tastes. Originally set to launch, content complete, back in December 2015, Square Enix and developer Io Interactive have revealed the final version now won’t be ready until 2017.
   As you’ve probably seen, the first episode arrived today, with no less than six additional episodes arrive between now and final retail copy in 2017. Episode 2, Sapienza, lands in April, Episode 3, Marrakech, in May, before being followed up by Thailand, United States, and, finally, Japan.  So, uh, if you were planning to wait until the full version you might be twiddling your thumbs for quite a while.

There’s been no reason given for the delay yet, so it looks as if the content is just going to roll out slower than originally anticipated.
How do you feel about the episodic nature of Hitman? Are you picking up the Intro pack or patiently waiting until 2017 for your fix? Let us know your plans!