16 March 2016

Gearbox Outlines Battleborn Post-Launch Plans And Season Pass Content

    Gearbox’s class-based shooter / MOBA hybrid Battleborn has gone gold. The developer has also announced a beta test is coming our way. Someone needs to give Gearbox a prod and let them know what going gold means. Whatever the case, the open beta is going to deploy soon and it should at long last actually give us an opportunity to see how Battleborn holds up. It’s striding into a very competitive area of the market but Gearbox has outlined significant post-launch plans to keep gamers playing long after it arrives. This includes five additional content packs, free updates, and new playable Heroes.

    Gearbox is doing things Rainbow Six Siege-style with additional Heroes. Each of the five will be available for free, bringing the total roster of playable characters up to 30. Things kick off with Alani shortly after launch. She has the power to control water, but other than that Gearbox is keeping schtum.

In addition there’s going to be new modes, maps and balance updates, along with five paid-for content packs. These will set you back $5 each or available as a $20 season pass. Each comes with a co-op Story Operation, new skins and taunts, so there’s nothing there than should affect competitive play.