6 January 2016

The Division Pre-Load Set For March 1st As Fresh Upgrade Tree Details Arrive

    It’s time to get those hard drives ready. Did i hear you ask why? It's because several changes to the Steam listings overnight have indicated that we can begin pre-loading Tom Clancy’s The Division from March 1st. I can’t be the only one seriously doubting this would come out in March. I mean, it’s the game that’s always delayed isn’t it?

  Still, better late than never, and I think we’ll all feel better once it's chugged down the inter-pipes and sitting snugly on our PCs, ready for launch day. Xbox One players have already had a chance to go hands on with a beta test for The Division, and there’s supposed to be one coming to PC before launch. Ubisoft hasn't announced a date for this, but we’d imagine it’s going to line-up with this pre-load date so pre-order customers can in there and give it a go early. The Division is one of those games which has been on our radar for years, since that E3 2013 reveal basically, but we still know precious little about what the moment to moment action entails. That said, Ubisoft is steadily drip-feeding information, including recent details on the player's Base of Operations. Working much the like FOBs in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, all your extracted loot from the Dark Zone will end up here, and you can also level up your skills and gain new abilities. 
     There are three branches to base upgrades, comprising Security, Medical and Technology. Every level you gain in each tree will grant you a new mod or skill for your character. The Security branch sends players out onto dangerous missions, with each successful trip rewarding you with better base defenses . Medical is suited to those looking to play as combat medics, allowing wound healing and reviving. Lastly there’s the technology branch, which will net players access to the latest gadgets and weapons. That sounds great, but all I can think of when I look at The Division right now is Destiny. It looks like it’s precisely the same formula, but I’m holding out hope that Ubisoft Massive deliver big-time when it comes to long-term content, unlike Bungie’s repetitive shooter.