31 January 2016

The Division Closed Beta Adding More Players

Today is the last full day to play The Division's closed multiplayer beta. With less than 24 hours left for the pre-release play period, Ubisoft has now revealed that it's adding more players to mix and also provided details for exactly when the beta will be pulled down.
Writing in the game's forums, Ubisoft said even more people who put their name on The Division beta's waitlist may be getting in today. "We are opening access to as many players on the waitlist as possible throughout the day. Priority access will be given to those who signed up first," Ubisoft said.

Ubisoft previously said it was "doing our best" to add people from the waitlist. There are still no guarantees that if you put your name on the waitlist that you'll get in, however.

As for The Division beta's forthcoming shutdown, in a post on Twitter, the developer confirmed the game's servers will be switched off Monday, February 1 at 12 PM CET /6 AM EST /3 AM PST.