31 January 2016

Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild Update Will Try To Pickpocket Your Wallet In March

 Bethesda has taken a pretty deep dive into the features of its upcoming Thieves Guild expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. The penny pinching DLC takes players to all new desert peninsula of Hew’s Bane, where the Thieves Guild is holed up in Abah’s Landing.
Their pick-pocketing ways doesn’t seem to have done them much good though, and the guild is penniless, broke, and on its last legs. They need a hero to come along and rob everyone blind, and that hero, obviously, is none other than you and of course, some other YOUs. It’s an MMO, so you get the point. The whole thing will take you along what Bethesda promise is a pretty lengthy storyline in Abah’s Landing, before spreading the net and doling out missions further afield in familiar lands. I do have my doubts as to how thievery will be integrated into TESO, but apparently there’s going to be proper trespassing and stealth mechanics, which sounds interesting. That’s all along with a new skill line packed with passive abilities for thieves, with experience gained for rising up the ranks of the Thieves Guild.