20 January 2016

Rainbow Six Siege Introduces New Operators

Additional details have leaked out about the pair of new Operators set to hit Rainbow Six Siege in a few weeks’ time. Frost and Buck are both from Canadian special forces, with Frost taking defensive duties and Buck handling attack. This pair join the Brits' Thatcher and Germany’s Blitz and Jäger as the pick of the bunch.

While official details from Ubisoft aren’t forthcoming, we can see that as suspected, Frost can make use of a mechanical bear trap to incapacitate enemies. Being mechancial rather than electric - as all other traps in R6 Siege are - it’s going to be undetectable by IQ, and both Thatcher and Twitch will be unable to disable it. Frost’s also got a knife for up close and personal, silent melee kills, along with a Benelli Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun. 

The other operator, Buck, was basically a total unknown. As it turns out this attacker packs a punch. He's armed with a carbine C8-SFW assault rifle, but the special ability toggles an under-barrel shotgun attachment. This means Buck is suitable for both mid-long and short range attacks. The new characters will be included in Operation Black Ice, which is the first major expansion for Rainbow Six Siege. As previously detailed, these characters come from Canada's Joint Task Force 2 counter-terrorism unit and are outfitted by new weapons and "unique gadgets."

Ubisoft has said every new operator coming to Siege in the coming year (a total of eight are planned) can be unlocked through normal gameplay by playing about 25 hours.

"The data we have suggests that the average FPS player spends 8-10 hours a week playing their favorite FPS (also in-line with our observation during the closed beta), so it should only take between two to three weeks maximum to unlock an operator," the developer said.

Which of Frost and Buck are you going to splash out on first? Do you spy any game-changing abilities on offer here?