14 December 2015

You Can Now Import Rock Band 3's Soundtrack Into Rock Band 4

Two months after the release of Rock Band 4, you can finally import the soundtrack from Rock Band 3 for use in the latest game in the series. Over the past few days, Harmonix has added the Rock Band 3 export feature for both PS4 and Xbox One players. This functionality was expected out earlier this month, but is now in place on both platforms in North America. Players in Europe can expect to see it sometime this week.

This process, which costs $15, exports all 83 songs from Rock Band 3. It can't be done from the Xbox Live or PSN stores; it has to be done through Rock Band 4's in-game store. Assuming you're already verified as an owner of Rock Band 3, you can buy the export option from the "Get More Songs" screen in Rock Band 4. The process is fairly similar on both Xbox One and PS4, but a step-by-step breakdown is available on Harmonix's website. You can also find a list of exactly which games' can still be imported into Rock Band 4 here.