18 December 2015

Rainbow Six Siege Free Play Weekend With Referral Code Starts Today

Ubisoft today announced a new "friend referral program" for the PC version of team-based tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege.

Starting today, December 18, everyone who owns Siege on PC will be given four keys to hand out to friends for a special free play weekend that begins at 3:01 PM PST. Free players get access to the full game.
Existing Siege PC players can visit this website to get their four keys. Although the game won't unlock for free players until later today, they can start pre-loading right away. The free weekend officially comes to an end on Sunday, December 20, at 9:01 PM PST. Ubisoft is encouraging Siege owners to take part in the referral program by offering a special incentive. For every referral key that gets activated, the referrer will receive a 24-hour XP boost after the free weekend ends. And for the new recruits coming to Siege through a referral code, they'll have a chance to buy the full game for 25 percent off (from Ubisoft's Uplay Shop), keeping all of their in-game progression as well.

This referral program has only been announced for the PC version of Siege.