18 December 2015

Minecraft's Biggest Ever Console Update Out Now

Microsoft on Friday launched the "biggest update of all time" for the non-Nintendo console versions of Minecraft. Among other things, the free update introduces new potions, blocks, mobs, and biomes.

New biomes include Redwood forests, Mega-Taiga, and the Deep Ocean, while blocks added to Minecraft today include Granite, Red Sandstone, Sea Lanterns, Slime, and Packed Ice. Other new content available now includes Blue Orchids, Sunflowers, Azure Bluets, Tulips, and Lilacs, while crop-eating rabbits are also added with this update.
"If you're more into embarking on fantastic adventures in your worlds, fear not--we have you covered," Microsoft said in a blog post. "The update includes subaquatic Ocean Monuments where Elder Guardians await to test your courage. Rare materials and treasure chambers await those who dare enter."