11 December 2015

Bethesda Opens Up Brand New Montreal Studio To Work On Additional Games

Bethesda has a lot of studios under its umbrella, but there’s only Bethesda Game Studios working on its open-world RPGs. Up until now, that is, with the announcement that Bethesda has now opened up a new Montreal office.

Bethesda Games Studio Montreal will be responsible for expanding the developer’s capabilities in console, PC and mobile gaming. Which is pretty exciting stuff, because Bethesda Game Studios has never really grown in size, despite their success. A new team of more than 40 developers, headed by studio director Yves Lachance, will allow Bethesda to have two games in full development concurrently. Did somebody say The Elder Scrolls VI?

“We’ve worked with some very talented developers in Montreal for a long time, and decided it was time to open a studio there,” said Todd Howard, game director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios. “It’s exciting to think about the new games we’ll be building together.” New studio director Lachance said “Our collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios has been an exhilarating and memorable journey already. We are thrilled to be launching the studio in Montreal and contributing our city’s great game-making talent to the kind of games that Bethesda Game Studios is known for."

Another studio setting up shop in Montreal then, to add to the squillions already there. It must be the place to be for game developers. Now onto the important business. A new Bethesda studio means new Bethesda games, but what do you reckon they’ll have the Montreal lot working on? Would you like to see Fallout and Elder Scrolls games come out twice as frequently? Or would you like to see them take on an entirely new project?