1 September 2016

Street Fighter 5 Double Fight Money Event Detailed

    Capcom has disclosed its first Street Fighter 5 Double Fight Money event. Between September 2 at 4PM PT and September 4 at 9PM PT, players taking part in Ranked Matches online will earn double the rewards.
     For those not familiar, Fight Money is Street Fighter 5's in-game currency. It can be used to purchase alternative costumes for fighters, titles to use in your player card, new characters, and stages. Characters and stages are the two most expensive items, coming in at 100,000 FM and 70,000 FM each.

      The next new character to join Street Fighter 5 is Urien, who will be coming in September. Capcom has not said exactly when in the month he'll be available, however, but indicated more details would be available soon. Urien's inclusion in the game was first discovered when dataminers found references to him (and other characters) in last year's beta. He was first made playable with the Story mode update, but will become a full-fledged character with his release in September.
    PC players have managed to make him available ahead of time, and videos of the character in action can be found on YouTube.
    The September Update will also include Daily Targets, which can be completed every day for Fight Money. On top of this, there will be fighter profile updates and a Vs. CPU mode.

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