1 September 2016

Netflix's Luke Cage Video Shows Its Hip-Hop Inspiration

    Ahead of its debut in September, Netflix has released a new promotional video for Luke Cage centered around its hip-hop inspirations. The video features a bunch of footage from the show intercut with many of the people involved in the show talking about the creation of its music.
     "From a musical perspective, Ali [Shaheed Muhammad, music supervisor] and I look at this as, we're creating 13 albums. It's 13 episodes; it's like 13 albums," said fellow music supervisor Adrian Younge.

   Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker later explains that every episode is named after a different Gang Starr song, such as "Moment of Truth" and "Soliloquy of Chaos," adding "It's all kind of influenced like that."

"One of the things I was explaining is the speed of hip-hop," he continued. "It happens at the speed of thought. So if you really ran into Luke, and then boom, there's going to be a beat. That's all it takes."
The video is the first in a series that will look at the show's music. The goal is to "blend fiction with history by taking audiences behind the curtain on the themes that give the show its street-level authenticity and cultural relevance." This one is worth a watch just to see Method Man's enthusiasm while watching a scene from the show. Luke Cage arrives on Netflix on September 30, with all 13 episodes premiering on that date.