11 July 2016

No Man's Sky's 18 Quintillion Planets Take Up Just 6 GB on Disc

   No Man's Sky, a game that its developer says possesses 18 quintillion planets to find and explore, takes up just 6 GB of data on the PlayStation 4's Blu-ray disc.
   That figure was made available by Sean Murray, founder of No Man's Sky developer, Hello Games and a programmer. Posting on Twitter, Murray explained much of that 6 GB is actually taken up audio.
This is likely achieved thanks to the fact that much of the content in No Man's Sky is procedurally generated, which means there's less space taken up on disc. Or it could all be witchcraft.

   Continuing, Murray revealed on Twitter that No Man's Sky had passed certification in Europe, United States, and Asia. It is currently being submitted for certification in Japan.
   Additionally, the studio is "already busy on Update 1" for the space exploration game. Details on what it will include were not discussed.