2 June 2016

The Division Runs Into More Issues

   The Division has experienced more issues, this time related to an "unsuccessful" patch. As a result, the patch did not go out on schedule today and has been delayed. Additionally, the new Challenge Mode for The Division's Clear Sky raid is also being delayed.
"Prior to deployment, it has been found that the patch was unsuccessful and has been delayed. As such, today's maintenance will finish early (approximately 12pm CEST)," Ubisoft said in the game's forums.
"This also means that the deployment of the Clear Sky Challenge Mode has been delayed for the time being as well," Ubisoft said.

  In Ubisoft's latest State of the Game broadcast today, developers explained they found some bugs in   Clear Sky that could lead to potential exploits. Ubisoft said it will share more information about when the patch will go live and what else is included with it "as soon as we can." There is no ETA for when the patch will be deployed. The developer also thanked fans for their patience.
   Additionally, it appears the Xbox One version of The Division is facing some kind of "double UI" problem right now. Ubisoft is deploying a fix for this very soon.