20 June 2016

Epic Sues Gamer Behind Paragon Hack

   Paragon developer Epic Games is presently in between a legal battle with a gamer. Epic's lawsuit claims that Robin Kreibich, who lives in Germany, created a hack, which allowed for cheats like aimbot, triggerbot, and radars, and sold it for a monthly subscription fee. Epic seeks damages from Kreibich's creation, use, advertising, and sale of the hack, in addition to related videos "that exploit Paragon."
    According to the lawsuit, Kreibich advertised the hack on a cheat-providing site and claimed that it's the "world's most powerful hack for Paragon." Epic alleges it was advertised that its "aimbot gives you full control over the game, you can rage or play legit like a pro." It was additionally promoted as a hack that you could adjust, so "you won't look like a hacker and yet be the best player in the game," and that it would give you a full overview of the map in order to see all enemies.

     The lawsuit claims that Kreibich created videos that demonstrated the hack. The videos were removed after Epic sent takedown notices on June 1 and June 6. According to the lawsuit, Kreibich filed counters on both videos with YouTube, which subjected them to the jurisdiction of the Northern District of California, where YouTube is located. This allowed Epic to file a lawsuit against Kreibich in California.

Epic alleges that Kreibich has damaged the developer and will continue to do so because of Kreibich's engagement in producing the hack. Epic seeks restitution and damages, including costs brought upon by this suit. Additionally, the developer seeks for the destruction of all of Kreibich's copies of Paragon, derivative work, and the software hack. Epic has demanded a trial by jury for all of the triable issues.