16 May 2016

Rainbow Six Siege Video Shows How to Use New Sticky Cameras


    Ubisoft has released a video that explains how to use the new operators' gadgets and tactics. The two new operators are Valkyrie and Blackbeard and come with sticky cameras and a weapon shield respectively. You can see them for yourself in the video below.

Valkyrie can only be selected when you're on defense, and she can utilize four sticky cameras to help her team keep an eye on the attackers. They stick to anything and can be accessed by anyone on Valkyrie's team; however, they're easily destroyed, so choosing a good spot to place them is key.
    On offense, Blackbeard brings a transparent shield that he can attach to the front of his weapon. It protects his head, so peaking around corners is a good way to defend against all oncoming fire. However, you can take the shield out with close-and-personal shotgun blasts, and he doesn't have any way to protect his legs and sides besides cover in the environment.