26 April 2016

USA Has Fallen Because Of Korean Cellphones In Latest Homefront: The Revolution Trailer

     There’s nothing like a bit of fear-mongering to get the adrenaline going. Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are tapping pretty neatly into the public psyche for latest Homefront: The Revolution trailer, showing the fall of America via North Korean forces. It all starts of course because everyone was happy snapping up Korean phones and tech gadgets, but before long descends into arms deals, nuclear blasts, and invasions.

    The USA falls for the oldest military thriller trick in the book; the KPA has hidden a backdoor hack in all of its technology and weapons, allowing them to shut down the entirety of US military might with the flick of a switch.
     Dambusters has been getting pretty serious about its PR from Homefront 2 it has to be said, and it’s even gone and made a fake documentary depicting the rise of APEX and the KPA invasion of the US.