18 April 2016

The Division Players Will Be Punished For Using Falcon Lost Glitch

   Ubisoft has hinted it will punish The Division players that have used an exploit in the game's first raid mission, Falcon Lost. Posting on the game's official forum, community manager Natchai Stappers said using the exploit was a violation of its Code of Conduct.
"We are working on fixing the exploit," he said. "Obviously, it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited."
   Falcon Lost was introduced in the game's April update, and is designed to dish out high-level completion rewards once a week. However, by using a riot shield players have been able to phase through a wall and repeatedly run the mission, thus granting them loot drops at a much faster rate than intended. The method can be seen in the video above. In response to Ubisoft's statement, some players have said they shouldn't be punished for a mistake in the developer's design and coding. Some have noted the Code of Conduct isn't prominently available in the game.
"As someone that has done the incursion both ways on hard, I will say that dealing out a punishment to players blindly is ********," said forum user Cipher_Sierra. "I have never read the terms, they're never referenced in the game, I'm never warned anywhere.
"But now I'm reading that you consider your faulty code to be on US, as players? Am I to be punished for using a mask that regens constantly having no idea why for the first day? What about the reckless talent? Or running on the side of a mission area to avoid mobs?"
On the game's sub-Reddit, meanwhile, another player also said Ubisoft should shoulder the blame, instead of the players.
"It absolutely sickens me that a Community Manager has stepped forward not to apologize for the complete mess of code that has been delivered as a finished product, but rather to deflect blame for any balancing issues that may arise due to their shoddy production onto their paying customers."
Others have suggested Ubisoft simply implement a system to punish players for future transgressions, since the exploit shifted the balance of multiplayer to force many to use the exploit so they can remain competitive. Punishing them for keeping up with community is unreasonable, they argue.