18 April 2016

Lego Treatment For Doom's BFG in New Video

    The latest Lego creation from YouTuber ZaziNombies is here, and this time he's taken a shot at recreating Doom's BFG 9000. The big freakin' Lego gun was made with over 5,000 bricks and weighs in at 20 pounds.  ZaziNombies showed off the Lego BFG in his latest video, where he said it "definitely hurts the arms and wrists to hold it." He demonstrated just how heavy it is to hold it by showing off the brick indentations the big gun gave him. You can check out its size for yourself in the video below.

   The Lego gunsmith is known for his recreation of video game weapons. He's created Lego versions of Fallout 4's Fat Man, a 10-pound Team Fortress 2 minigun, and a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 flamethrower that actually shoots fire.