13 April 2016

Far Cry Primal Updated With 4K Textures And Hardcore Survivor Mode

  Ubisoft has pushed out the Survivor mode update for Far Cry Primal, hopefully turning it into the fearsome battle for survival we had probably always wanted it to be. For those with PCs which are beastly enough, it's also joined by new higher-resolution 4K textures on PC. For Survivor mode, such fripperies as the minimap are stripped away, with the player forced to pay extremely close attention to their surroundings in order to come out alive. There’s a laundry list of changes for Far Cry Primal’s Survivor mode, including Stamina depletion, which is affected by eating and sleeping, which has a knock-on effect for running speed and health regeneration. There are less animals but each is more dangerous, along with less resources, no fast travel, permadeath, and weaker companions.

   On the subject of companions, each beast will be harder to tame, while animals which can rode now tire out. The tide turns at night time, when there are more predators, hunting vision doesn’t work, fire is consumed faster, and night is both longer and darker.  It all sounds pretty awesome to be honest, made all the better by the update also including new 4K textures, in theory meaning Far Cry Primal has never looked better.