19 April 2016

Discovery Made on Destiny's Fall Expansion Release Date


   With Destiny 2 coming in 2017, players of the current game can expect a new expansion to release this year. And now, we may know exactly when that expansion will release, thanks to a clue uncovered by Destiny fans. Reddit user Rezyl Azzir shared a walkthrough on how to find a new Grimoire lore card only 16 minutes after said update went live--this would have required the player to download the update, complete a Prison of Elders run, and post about it in that time. 

    The Reddit user's account and post was eventually deleted, but other users found a previously posted Latin message from Azzir, which translated to "The twentieth day of the ninth month. IT is coming. Forward, to the stars." If the message is legitimate, it seems that players can expect something on September 20, which seems likely to be the next big expansion. Both Destiny and The Taken King released in September of their respective years.
    According to Eurogamer, fans have theorized that a new Mars area that was once intended to feature in The Taken King will be included in the upcoming expansion. It's also believed that the brutish Cabal will play a part, as developer Bungie hasn't released an add-on that features them in the central role.
    Community manager David Dague teased an upcoming update in the developer's weekly blog. He said that the "next point on the horizon" is an update set to release this Fall.

"I've seen it. I'm excited about it. I will say no more… For now," he added.