8 March 2016

Xbox One Players To Have 30-Day Exclusivity For The Division DLC

   I feel like they tried to sneak this one past us as we didn’t hear a peep about it ahead of its launch, but two of The Division’s three content packs which form the season pass are in fact pulling a Call of Duty and launching 30 days earlier on Xbox One. PC and PlayStation 4 gamers will have to wait out a full month until they can experience that content. Don't you just love such pro consumer moves?

   The 30-day exclusivity applies to The Division’s Underground and Survival expansions. The first takes place in the labyrinthine New York subways and will hit Xbox One in May before PC and PS4 in June. This is followed up by Survival in the summer, in which players must scavenge resources and battle harsh conditions in order to survive. Microsoft’s exclusivity deal doesn’t stretch to the third expansion, presumably because it believes player involvement will have dropped off. Known as Last Stand, that one’s debuting this coming winter.

   Should you want to get stuck into any of these then you’re going to need The Division’s Season Pass. It’s priced at $40 but it doesn’t look as if the expansions are going to be available to buy separately.
Personally, 30-day exclusivity like this is pretty yawn-some. Revealing it on launch day seems a little late, millions will have already grabbed their copy of The Division without knowing Xbox One will get the DLC first. From a gamer point of view it’s just an inconvenience, and it feels as if PC and PS4 gamers’ 40 bucks is worth less to Ubisoft. The DLC will be done. Microsoft isn't paying for exclusivity, they're paying so PC and PS4 gamers can't have it on time.