15 March 2016

Vampire Counts Disclosed As One,Two, Three, Fourth Playable Race In Total War: Warhammer

    Hello, we might not be getting the Chaos unless we pre-order Total War: Warhammer, but we are getting the frankly awesome Vampire Counts. Rising from the perma-dark lands of Sylvania, this twisted faction harnesses the dark arts, including necromancy and Death magic. They’re the subject matter in an absolutely badass new Total War: Warhammer trailer, wreaking havoc across the Old Worlds and striking fear into the Empire, Dwarfs, and Greenskins. They are led by Mannfred von Carstein, a necromancer mage. At his beck and call are the Grave Guard, gigantic bats, skeletons, and fallen foes, risen again.

There’s a bit of disappointment around that Creative Assembly has skimped on the races available in Total War: Warhammer, but it’s fair to say the four on offer do differ far more drastically than those seen in say, Attila or Rome II.