15 March 2016

System Shock Remastered SHODAN Look This Good In First Gameplay trailer

Well the first footage is out and on this evidence I've been proven totally wrong. System Shock Remastered is legitimately looking like an incredible reworking from Night Dive Studios. The classic game specialist has put out the first ever trailer for System Shock Remastered you see. The main thing to point out is that it’s remained alarmingly true to its forebear, all the while layering over a slick level of visual polish. It’s System Shock, but not as you know it.
It’s all the result of some swift work from Night Dive Studios. It was only late last year it announced it was even going to work on this project, but it’s already rustled up some impressive environments in Unity.

 Time hasn't been kind to this absolute PC classic, so it's great to see it brought bang up to date for a new audience with this remaster. I had very low hopes of this System Shock remaster even seeing the light of day, let alone looking this great, so it's great to be proved wrong. 

As it stands System Shock Remastered is tentatively due for launch in 2017, coming to both PC and Xbox One. It's not the only System Shock game in the works either; Night Dive is also working with OtherSide on a System Shock 3, although we've heard precious little about it just yet. 

What do you make of the System Shock remaster then? Impressed by the visual touch up? Let us know!