9 March 2016

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Shows Jabba The Hutt Missions

   Publisher, Electronic Arts, has teased what appears to be an upcoming new game mode in its online shooter Star Wars Battlefront. On Monday, the corporation released a YouTube video that promoted Battlefront's latest free update - the video is unlisted, however, meaning it can't be discovered by search nor by browsing. 

Halfway through this thirty-second clip, an in-game image of Jabba The Hutt appears, along with the message "coming soon: Hutt Contracts". Hutt,who happens to be a mobster godfather of the Star Wars universe, is revealed holding holograms of the DL-18 pistol and an unfamiliar sniper rifle. Nothing much is known about Hutt Contracts, whether it is a multiplayer mode or an offline mission similar to the Survival missions that launched with the game.