15 March 2016

Star Wars Battlefront Experience Advancing to PlayStation VR

   Sony has revealed that a Star Wars Battlefront experience is expected to arrive on PlayStation VR as part of a partnership between Sony and EA. The announcement was made at the platform holder's GDC presentation focusing on its upcoming virtual reality headset. Further details were not available, but Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, described it as a "cinematic gaming experience" set in EA and DICE's first-person shooter.

   During the event, Sony also affirmed that the PlayStation 4-powered VR headset will cost $400 in North America, €399 in Europe, and £349 in the United Kingdom. It is arranged for launch in October 2016. Over 230 developers are already building content for PlayStation VR, according to House. The Star Wars Battlefront experience is one of 50 games that will be available for PlayStation VR at launch.