18 March 2016

PC Shooter LawBreakers No Longer Free-To-Play And Adopts Rejigged Mature Visual Style

Remember LawBreakers, the new free-to-play PC shooter from Gears of War creator Cliff ‘CliffyB’ Bleszinski? The one where humanity has blown up the moon...lol? Well don’t worry, it hasn’t been cancelled, but CliffyB has announced it’s no longer going to be Free-to-Play, launching instead as a premium title. The BossKey founder confirmed the news at GDC this week, claiming pay-to-win mechanics are almost impossible to avoid when delivering a free-to-play game. “As the game continued to take shape, we realised free-to-play wasn’t the right fit for what we’re building," said Bleszinski.

"LawBreakers is a competitive game at heart and that means balance is a big priority to me, my team, and our community. Using a digital premium model helps ensure an even playing field by giving fans access to every available role without any barriers."
That means no paid unlocks or locked gear and classes; everybody’s on an even keel and will have access to everything. The rejigged pricing structure was joined by a graphical redesign. Having been compared to the legions of other colourful shooters out there like Overwatch, Battleborn and Team Fortress 2, the studio has decided to opt for a more ‘mature’ look. 

   At the moment Lawbreakers is on track for a Summer 2016, when it’ll launch as a timed exclusive on Steam. Word of warning though, it will require a 3rd-party login in the shape of a Boss Key Account.