14 March 2016

No More Battlefield 4 Content Updates

 Oops! Sorry Brodds but Battlefield 4's content updates havenow hit the end of the road. A producer at DICE LA, the team responsible for the military shooter's post-launch content, made the announcement recently on  Twitter. 
"We (as in DICE LA) are not planning to release more content on the BF4 CTE," Sirland said.
CTE stands for Community Test Environment, which is the method by which DICE tests new content and gathers feedback before releasing it publicly. Sirland went on to say the CTE will not be shut down, however. Additionally, Battlefield 4's servers will remain online and DICE will continue to monitor the servers and make adjustments as necessary.

    Of course, nothing is set in stone, and the phrase "not planning" is not a definitive statement that no new content for Battlefield 4 will be released. But given that Battlefield 4 is more than two years old and a successor, Battlefield Hardline, is already in the market, it's somewhat surprising it's been supported as long as it has.