22 March 2016

Microsoft Asks Xbox Owners Whether They Would Like To Trade In Their Digital Games

   It looks as if Microsoft is trying to reignite its ill-fated trading in the Xbox One digital store-front, asking in a recent questionnaire if gamers would be willing to trade in their digital purchases for store credit. Cast your mind back to E3 2013 and that was one of Microsoft’s key selling points for its always-on Xbox One, but it was forced to embarrassingly U-turn following Sony’s E3 conference.
    From the sounds of things Microsoft is rethinking the idea once more then. The recent survey asked gamers if they’d be willing to part with their digital purchases for a refund of 10% of the price of purchase. On the basis of buying a full $60 game you’re looking at receiving just $6 for revoking your license. That doesn’t seem like a great deal of money, but I guess if you really have no intention of ever playing a game again then it may be worth it and could kick in a few bucks. The difference here is that you don’t actually have anything to give back. Microsoft is just paying you money and removing the license. There is only a hypothetical good ever being traded. Once you sell it back it’s not like it’s going to be passed on to someone else in a second hand market.

What do you reckon then, would you make use of such a service? Would you like to see Steam offer a similar deal?