1 March 2016

Metal Gear Solid 5 Online Expansion And New Survival Mode Announced

 Oh thou Metal Gearers! As announced by konami, Metal Gear Online expansion "Cloaked in Silence" will be set for launch on March 15. Additionally, the publisher has shared the first details on a new mode called Survival. As announced previously, Cloaked in Silence comes with three new maps (Coral Complex, Rust Palace, Azure Mountain), as well as a new character, the elite sniper Quiet who has her own special moves.

  The expansion also comes with a new "Appeal Action" feature. This feature grants players freedom to express themselves with a special pose (battle, dance, hero, etc); up to five can be assigned per character. Cloaked in Silence will cost $4, while the Appeal Packs will sell for $2 each. Launching alongside Cloaked in Silence will be a free update for Metal Gear Online that adds a new mission-type called Sabotage. Here's its description:
"Attackers must destroy or fulton an enemy missile before the round expires; but to access the missile, attackers must first hack into the Terminals to deactivate the Electromagnetic (EM) Barrier that is protecting it. Once the Terminals are hacked and the EM Barrier is deactivated, defenders can choose to reactivate the Barrier or protect the Missile."
Finally, Konami also has disclosed a new mode for Metal Gear Online. Called Survival, the mode is set to debut on April 7 and challenges teams of players to compete for the highest win streak. Survival maps can be played for free up to 10 times each week and this will reset every Tuesday. If you buy the Cloaked in Silence expansion, however, you will receive unlimited access to the mode and maps.