11 March 2016

Gears OF War Character Revealed In Killer Instinct Leak

     In addition to Halo's Arbiter and Rash from Battletoads, it looks like another character from a Microsoft game will come to Killer Instinct. Shoryuken has gotten some images from an in-development version of the Xbox One fighting game that shows that Gears of War enemy, General RAAM, will be added. The report doesn't mention any of General RAAM's moves, but looking into his history some possibilities can be gathered. The character, who was a central bad guy in the first Gears of War, wields a serrated sword and pistol, as well as grenades...Fantastic.

    RAAM will reportedly come to Killer Instinct for the game's third season. Shoryuken also has discovered another character, Mira, will also be included during the season. She was referenced in Killer Instinct's story as Maya's late twin sister, who may have sacrificed herself to save her sister.