9 March 2016

Forza 6 PC Won't Offer Cross-Play With Xbox One Edition

     Following the announcement of Forza 6 Apex Edition earlier this month, Microsoft has now confirmed that the PC game will not support cross-platform play with the mainline Xbox One edition. This information comes from Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, who explained on Twitter that because Apex is a "curated experience," there won't be cross-platform play. 

"No, it is a curated experience designed for Windows 10," he said to a fan. When pressed further, Greenberg suggested that cross-play could come sometime down the road, but he did not confirm anything.
"We want to enable where we can, takes time to build the ecosystem," he explained. "Getting [Apex] on Windows 10 [is the] first step."
Lack of cross-play support is not all that surprisingly shocking. As Greenberg said, Apex is not exactly the same game as the regular Forza 6, as it is a free-to-play experience with not as many cars or tracks.
When it arrives this spring, Apex will mark the Forza franchise's PC debut. All entries in the series were previously released exclusively for Xbox consoles. Apex is developed by Turn 10 Studios, the main developer behind the Forza series.