9 March 2016

Details On Destiny's latest Patch

Bungie has posted a new "hotfix" for Destiny that makes changes to matchmaking settings. As detailed on Bungie's website, update brings with it Crucible changes such that matchmaking algorithms now prioritize connection quality over everything else. Scroll down to learn more. The new Destiny patch also enables the "Damage Referee" for all Crucible playlists. As Bungie explained previously, the Damage Referee is basically a system that aims to improve the overall matchmaking experience by "handling things that can go wrong when you're playing games online."

A full details of Damage Referee details can be seen here.
Destiny March 8 Hotfix:

  • Updated all of the matchmade Crucible playlists to make use of the higher priority on latency settings
  • Enabled Damage Referee for all Crucible playlists