22 March 2016

Blizzard Attempts To Outdo Pixar With Animated Short For Winston From Overwatch

   Blizzard has done its best Pixar impression with a new animated short for the upcoming Overwatch, and I have to say it’s standing toe-to-toe with the animation gurus. It focuses on a genetically-enhanced ape known as Winston, showing his back story and how he became the behemoth he is in the team-based shooter.

   It’s the first in a series of animated shorts designed to lead up to Overwatch’s launch in May. Winston is one of the 21 characters in Overwatch; a genetically engineered gorilla scientist for those who like to take on a tank role and absorb damage.
   When in battle he’s equipped with a jump pack and a tesla cannon for short-range electric bursts, as well as pop-up bubble shield and the Primal Rage skill which basically buffs all other abilities and boosts melee damage. 

Overwatch is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 24th, with an open beta hitting on May 3rd.