14 February 2016

Upcoming Fallout 4 DLC Set to Revive How You Survive In The Wasteland

 There's always more shooting and looting to be done in the Boston wasteland and Bethesda are ready to provide the latest itch for all the Vault dwellers out there ready to head on out and slay super mutants and radroaches once again.
Bethesda have revealed on twitter that an announcement detailing their plans for Fallout 4 downloadable content is coming soon and that we can expect to see a revamp of the fan favourite Survival mode. Bethesda are keeping coy about what the DLC's content is and when gamers will be playing the new content but they have confirmed that they are “doing a complete overhaul” and that we can expect to see features such as “Food, sleep, diseases, danger and more”, which I know a lot of gamers felt were glaring omissions from the base game.