6 February 2016

Pirating Group to Quit Cracking Some Games

China-based cracking group 3DM, the team that recently said anti-piracy measures on PC games will be so advanced by 2018 that it may bring about an end to pirated games, has made another big announcement.

TorrentFreak reports that 3DM leader "Bird Sister" wrote on her blog that the group will stop cracking single-player games apparently in an effort to measure the impact it has on sales.

"We just had an internal meeting. Starting at the Chinese New Year [February 8], 3DM will not crack any single-player games," she said. "We'll take a look at the situation in a year's time to see if genuine sales have grown."

This announcement comes a month after Bird Sister said her team was unable to crack Avalanche's open-world game Just Cause 3, which makes use of a secondary encryption system called Denuovo. According to TorrentFreak, the game has still not been cracked. Bird Sister does not mention Denuovo by name in her blog post, however. You can visit TorrentFreak to read their full report. BioWare's 2014 RPG Dragon Age Inquisition also used Denuovo, which adds to whatever other form of DRM a developer/publisher may put on a game. For that game, Denuovo was reportedly able to keep pirates at bay for an entire month, which was deemed a long time.