28 February 2016

Nintendo Motivated To Deliver “For Iwata”

 A new set of tittle-tattles have surfaced concerning Nintendo’s plans for their upcoming console, the NX. Interestingly, these rumors tie the console to the company’s late CEO and president, Satoru Iwata. Apparently, the company has inexorably tied the console to Iwata in their minds. It has been in the works since 2014 and this effectively makes it the brainchild of Iwata’s mind. If these rumors were to be true, everything listed below has been implemented or is being scheduled in accordance with what Iwata wanted.
These are what’s gossiped to be in the NX:

  • Wireless HDMI dongle, using the Wii U Gamepad streaming tech to stream from console to monitor in HD.
  • Analog controls have small motors inside for full haptic feedback.
  • Bluetooth syncs with all devices, even phones and tablets, such that you can read messages and take calls while using the console.
  • NX is designed in such a way that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games can be ported to it with little to no changes to the source code, especially if the game is based on Unreal 4 or Android.
  • Social features similar to what Niantic has used on Ingress and will use on Pokemon Go; including AR, Streetpass, and multiplayer.
  • Finally, NX is rumored to be incredibly easy to use, described as a cross between the 2DS and a Samsung device. The OS alone is so powerful and feature rich it can be confused with Android. NX also has strong networking functions with other devices.