29 February 2016

First Screens Of "Life Is Strange" Devs' Next Game Vampyr Emerge

After the behemoth success recorded by Life is Strange, I think we’ve all got a pretty watchful eye on what developer DONTNOD is planning to do next. That would be Vampyr, (creepy right?) an action RPG set on the streets of 20th century London, with more than a hint of Vampire: The Masquerade to it. Up until now, all we’ve had is artwork to pore over, but at long last the first in-engine screens have surfaced of this morbid tale.

  As you’d probably expect from the folks behind 'Remember Me' and 'Life is Strange', Vampyr is all about choice and morality. Stepping into the well-worn boots of a military surgeon turned vampire, players will be battling the conflicting need to heal people while the 'vampirism' forces  an uncontrollable lust to consume blood.  Just as you'd expect from a game set in London it's all murky streets, swirling fog and cloaked figures skulking in the darkness. The onset of Spanish Flu has forced many to hide in their homes, making it the perfect the time for those of a vampiric bent to stalk the streets in search of prey.