16 February 2016

Far Cry Primal Is Coming With Some Mammoth Pre-Order Bonuses

Ubisoft has revealed Far Cry Primal will be getting the usual assortment of pre-order gubbins, albeit in an unusual form. Lay down the cash for this prehistoric adventure ahead of its February 23rd / March 1st launch and you’ll be able to ditch cave warrior, Takkar, and play as a woolly mammoth in three bonus missions.

Still, we don't often get to walk with the animals, so let’s not to be too hasty in our judgement. It looks as if drinking a vessel filled with blood during a sacred ritual transports your consciousness to that of a mammoth, with which you can rampage against rhinos and tribespeople, laying the smackdown with those tree trunk legs of yours.

 Fail to land a pre-order and presumably these missions are going to be out of reach until they’re released separately as paid-for DLC. I'm kind of sick to death of pre-order bonus DLC, but there we go. If you do decide to wait then generally you're not missing out; this sort of stuff and platform exclusive goodies tend to be the throwaway stuff which didn't make the cut for the main game. Whatever you decide, Far Cry Primal is coming to to PS4 and Xbox One next week, February 23rd to be precise, before a small wait until March 1st for the PC version.