19 January 2016

Valve Give Go Ahead For Solo Dev To Publish Half-Life 2 Prospekt Mod Expansion On Steam

The chances of Half-Life 3 ever happening has practically been gutted with the announcement of Half-Life Prospekt from solo developer Richard Seabrook.

Prospekt is a paid Half-Life 2 mod designed as a sequel to Half-Life: Opposing Force. Seabrook is trying to stitch together the events of Half-Life 2 from the perspective of the Marines rather than the bespectacled Gordon Freeman. It’s coming to Steam as a standalone paid product, and Valve has given the mod its full backing.
Prospekt doesn’t appear to be a hastily slapped together cash grab either. Seabrook reckons it’s comparable to Half-Life 2: Episode One in length, adding 13 new levels centering on US Marine Adrian Shepherd, all tightly woven into Half-Life 2’s original story. 
While it’s no official Half-Life product, Valve’s backing is as near as you can get to considering this expansion canon.

Are you up for giving this fan-made project are go? Or are you staunchly waiting for Half-Life 3 to be sensationally revealed?