29 January 2016

Upcoming Titanfall Looks Awesome According To EA CEO

Respawn Entertainment's next Titanfall game is coming along quite beautifully, according to Electronic Arts, CEO Andrew Wilson. Speaking during a post-earnings financial call today, Wilson said he has seen the game and reported that "it's looking fantastic," though he didn't give a detailed description about what he saw.
He went on to say that EA has "great faith in [Respawn] to build a spectacular game," noting that more details on this game will be shared in the months ahead. Wilson's comments came in response to an analyst's question regarding the nature of EA's publishing arrangement with Respawn for the next Titanfall game. Wilson said it's too early to dig into specifics.

It's possible that EA will talk more about the next Titanfall game during its just-announced EA Play event at E3 this year in June, though this has not been confirmed.