29 January 2016

The Division's Console Versions Offer Some PC-Like Visual Settings

By and large, being able to alter graphical settings in games is something reserved for the PC versions. While certainly not as extensive as what you'd expect to see on computers, the upcoming console versions of The Division do offer players some level of control over their visuals.

  With the game's beta launching today on Xbox One, Eurogamer discovered that along with the expected visual settings like brightness, there are two other, unexpected options.

The first of these is chromatic aberration. Enabled by default, this is a sort of visual filter that, as Eurogamer explains, "mimic[s] the properties of a camera lens, taking the high-contrast points visible on-screen, and splitting them into their red, green and blue constituent parts." On or off, this doesn't have any impact on performance, but it does affect the look of the game, and you're free to choose whether or not you care for it.

The other option is the more notable one. Sharpen image, as it's called, can be changed with a slider that impacts the amount of anti-aliasing that's present. As advertised, this can be used to sharpen the look of the game; set to 75, it "creates a noticeably clearer horizon." Turning it up all the way results in a halo effect on certain objects, though.