28 January 2016

Fresh Dark Souls III Screens Show We Will Be Returning To Firelink Shrine

It's a sad truth that all good things come to an end, and if your idea of a good thing is getting relentlessly smashed in the face by a sledgehammer-wielding ogre, then make the most of Dark Souls III, the final installment in the acclaimed series. It's only a matter of months before its release, and Bandai Namco has ushered in a big old pile of new screens to whet your masochistic appetite.

 Of particular interest to long-time fans is the second image, which shows a Mercenary gazing upon none other than Firelink Shrine from the original Dark Souls. That's one of the earliest areas from Dark Souls, indicating players will be revisiting it, and thr world of Lodran, in some fashion.
 From Software must be sick to death of dark fantasy by now, having on the Souls games in some fashion for a decade now, but for us, we just can't get enough.

Make the most if it though because it's looking as if Dark Souls 3 is going to be the studio's last Souls game, heading off to pastures new with its next title. Thrilled to be returning to the scene of the original Dark Souls? Let us know!