25 January 2016

Bungie Supposedly Adding Microtransaction Ammo Packs To Destiny For High-Level Raid

For all that it does accurately, Destiny’s unstopping march towards the uglier side of modern gaming is quite a thing to behold. There wasn't only a $60 boxed copy back in 2014, and three expansions totalling $100 in 2015, but in months since The Taken King’s arrival, Bungie has slowly but surely been implanting micro-transactions.

This includes £25 one-shot character boosts up to level 25 (so players can get straight to The Taken King’s content), paid currency, and now, perhaps most egregiously, Bungie is reportedly going to be selling ammo packs for Destiny. Purple ammo packs are going to be purchasable with real cash according to the report. The Purple Heavy Ammo packs are the hardest to come by in Destiny, and are a vital element for high-end raiding. That’s all according to sources close to VG247, who have heard the ammo packs will go on sale soon.
At the moment there are only a few ways to gain Purple Ammo Packs. Players are able to buy them from the Tower gunsmith NPC using Destiny’s standard in-game currency; buy ammo from Xur for one Strange Coin, or splash out a pack of Ether Seeds and 250 Glimmer to grab Heavy ammo from the Reef’s Prison of Elders NPC.

If you want to stock up on the ammo as it is currently, you do have to grind out the resources. However, introducing paid microtransactions would allow players to skip this element out, for a price, giving them an advantage in the PvE raids through which the best Destiny gear is found. For Destiny players who have been in since day one, the last 18 months or so has been a hugely expensive proposition, potentially made even more so with the layering in of microtransactions.

What do you think of the changes made to Destiny? Any PC gamers still holding out for a port, or is this move enough to put you off for good?