17 December 2015

PlayStation VR's External Processor "The Size of a Wii"

The first retail edition of PlayStation VR will require an external processing unit that has been estimated to be roughly the same size as Nintendo's Wii console.

PlayStation VR units will use the external processor to ease the burden of rendering virtual reality graphics. The headset will plug directly into the unit, which in turn is connected to the PS4. According to a Polygon report, pictures of the device were not permitted when demonstrated at a recent games event, but from memory the reporter claims the device is "a bit smaller than a Wii". Nintendo's Wii measures about 4.5cm wide, 16cm tall, and 22cm deep. By volume, the PlayStation 4 is roughly three times bigger. Sony has hitherto not mentioned the external processor, nor shown it in public demonstrations, although this could be a result of Sony not wanting to mislead by showing prototypes that would likely be even larger than the final version.