26 December 2015

Most Anticipated Shooters Of 2016

Casting a look back at 2015, it wasn't the strongest year for shooters. There's a couple of shooters coming in 2016 that are hoping to change all that, along with a few potentially revolutionary online shooters that could change the gaming landscape forever.
Whether chasing down Cacodemons with a BFG,  striding into battle atop a giant mech, or you and your buddies tattempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic New York, 2016 should have a little something for everyone of the bullet spewing persuasion.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Wow, so this game has taken a long time. After years of waiting though, we’re only a matter of months away from its launch. Hopefully. Ubisoft has talked a whole lot about The Division but actually told us precious little. In truth, this looks as if it has extremely similar systems to Destiny. Which is a huge game to take on, but proof that there’s an audience. The other benefit is that Ubisoft at least has the decency to bring this squad-based persistent shooter over to PC.


The first-person shooter that started it all, DOOM is back in 2016. Deliciously violent and stunningly gorgeous in the latest idTech engine, DOOM promises to be resolutely old school. Expect gibbing, fragging, and rocket jumping aplenty. Compared to Doom 3, DOOM is looking much faster paced, with twitchy, over the top action, insane weapons and wave upon waves of enemies to mow through. And that’s without even getting onto its multiplayer, which could well be the next eSports hit if id plays its cards right.

Homefront: The Revolution

Alright, so the last one was a forgettable bore, but this is a new team, new publisher, and a new game. Its own development has certainly been troubled, but on the basis of what we saw at EGX we’ve got high hopes. When a developer cites Half Life 2 as the inspiration it’s easy to think they’re aiming dangerously high, but Homefront: The Revolution looks like an improbable leap up on from its predecessor. Players will try to liberate a huge open-world Philadelphia, trying to wrest control back from the Greater Korean Republic forces, which have invaded the US.


When Overwatch invited players in for a beta test a couple of months ago, the gaming world and sat up and took notice. This was a game flying under the radar for once people, but just a few moments with Blizzard’s sublime class-based shooter is enough to know this has got a big future. In typical Blizzard form, Overwatch arrives late to the party, perfecting the online FPS formula of those that came before it. Expect Overwatch to make a massive splash this summer.

Titanfall 2

Okay, okay, so Titanfall 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet. But don’t act like it’s not coming, it most definitely is. The original Titanfall is nearly two years old, the sequel can’t be far off. The folks at Respawn are a supremely talented lot, so expected them to right all the wrongs and deliver a mech shooter that improves on the original in every conceivable way. What was there we liked, but it didn’t take long to see through its glossy sheen and fine a pretty shallow game beneath.

So,  After going through my list of the shooters that will rock 2016, what's the best shooter you played in 2015? Is there any game missing on the list?  Let me know in the comments below.