28 December 2015

Last Chance to Get These DRM-Free Duke Nukem PC Games

Duke Nukem's days are numbered, at least on GOG. The DRM-free PC game store revealed today that all Duke Nukem games on GOG.com will be removed from the platform on December 31, 2015 which is just a few days from now. In a statement, GOG said it is working with Duke Nukem's new rightsholders to bring these games back "as swiftly as possible."
To say goodbye to Duke, GOG is offering every Duke Nukem game at 90 percent off when bought in a bundle or 75 percent off when you buy them individually.
The four games are:

  • Balls of Steel -- $1.49
  • Duke Nukem 1 and 2 -- $1.49
  • Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition -- $1.49
  • Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project -- $1.49

The bundle that includes all of them costs $2.36. Head to GOG's website here to learn more. The sale officially ends on December 31 at 10:59 AM GMT. The games will vanish from the storefront "soon thereafter," but people who already bought them can continue playing.